We sell most of our foals in the spring and summer while they are still with their mothers. A 20% non-refundable deposit holds the foal of your choice until it is weaned. Once you make your choice and make a deposit, we tell anyone who shows an interest in that foal that it is reserved for you, passing up potential sales. The non refundable deposit helps to make up for missed opportunities to sell that foal, should something come up that keeps you from fulfilling your agreement to buy that foal. The only exception to this is if a foal becomes permanently injured or dies. A purchase contract can be printed from the button below, and sent with your deposit. We wean the foals in the fall, and teach them to lead and load. Then they are ready to be picked up. We can arrange to have a Coggins test, a health certificate, and any vaccines you would like, all at your expense. We regularly worm our foals throughout their time here. Please contact us with any additional questions you might have. You are welcome to visit your foal as much as you like as they grow!