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RR Hancock Bluebeard​


Rocky is our 2004 bay roan stallion.  He has 15 crosses to Joe Hancock, as well as Driftwood breeding.  We have found this cross to produce great, steady trail mounts and working horses. Rocky is a very calm guy; in fact you would never guess he was a stallion.  He passes his amazing temperament to all of his colts, along with his straight legs and solid feet.  He is also a homozygous roan, which means that all of his colts will be roans.  He is also EE, or homozygous for black.  He can never have a sorrel based colt. 5 panel N/N. Rocky's stud fee is $450. Live cover or field breeding only. Live foal guarantee when you have a vet's certificate that your mare is breeding sound and she has a negative culture.

Roan zygosity-RnRn
Red Factor-EE

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RR Hancock Bluebeard