We started out in the breeding business wanting to raise quarter horses with good dispositions and good legs and feet. We soon learned that we all love color, and so we started to add that to our herd as well. We offer a wide spectrum of quarter horse color, from sorrels and bays, buckskins and palominos, all shades of duns, all shades of roans, and even champagnes! All the pretty little horses! Something for everyone's taste.

Big Valley Ranch has a heritage of using working horses for over 200 years.  We raise foundation AQHA horses where quiet, easily trainable dispositions are key qualities, with an added bonus of color! We have 45 years of breeding and training experience with both Western and English backgrounds.  

Foxy is a dunalino AQHA mare. She has been one of our riding horses, a broodmare, and a safe horse to put children on for many years. She was born in 1993. She has earned her retirement! In the wintertime I take her some warm soaked alfalfa pellets with a little feed mixed in. I stand at the gate and yell her name. She comes running out of the herd and out of the gate to get her meal. I kiss her and smell her and tell her I love her. She is a great aroma and fuzz therapist. She is one of the kindest horses I have known.

Big Valley Ranch is excited to announce that we have been accepted as a Ranch Heritage Breeder by the AQHA.We are one of the few recognized East of the Mississippi! This recognizes breeders of working cow horses who have been established for over 10 years.  The colts will now have the opportunity to be nominated, allowing them to compete in Ranch Heritage Challenge competitions in the future!  

Monterey, Virginia       Cathy and Rob Robertson       540-468-3574  bigvalleyranchhorses@yahoo.com